Addicted to Doughnuts!
Doughnut Addict Specialises in  Handcrafted, Hand-dipped Artisan Doughnuts created in small Quantities. Our doughnuts are made fresh each morning using high quality, natural ingredients to guarantee freshness and quality. Countless hours of research, experimentation, and refinement have gone into every mouthful, and we believe you’ll love what we have to share.

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Desire-worthy dough

We give you the classic doughnuts tastes you nostalgically desire and continually throw in something distinct to try with weekly specials you'll soon love. Try our classics, our signature combos or our weekly Taste!

Besides the doughnuts

Visit our storefront to discover our extensive range of treats including chocolate bars, fillings, toppings and other specials!

Excellent for gifts & events

Our doughnuts are especially great for gifts and events! Share your doughnut with family; friends and even co-workers. Take our doughnuts to your next party or event. We guarantee they'll cherish each mouthful!

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01326 378398
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