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Those luxury filled & topped doughnuts you crave!

Doughnut Addict was established by Matthew Tout.

Matt enjoys the challenge of creating unique tastes and developing recipes, providing compelling new flavours for his customers on a weekly basis. His big plans for the future led his services and knowledge to opening a new shop in the heart of Truro with his ideas and experiences.

Matt first developed a passion for food when he was just four years old, regularly traveling Europe trying local delicacies and learning some necessary skills while baking at home. 

When he was at school, Matt developed a passion for Food Tech and would love to help his classmates with projects. What began as a hobby soon evolved into much more, with Matt K Ping at Falmouth Beach Hotel straight out of school then extending his skills as a chef in the Navy on Submarines.

After he left the Navy, Matt traveled the world working as a chef and expanding his relationship with food. At the age of 24 and after a year spent in Melbourne surrounded by doughnuts, Matt decided to experiment with the pockets of joy. One thing led to another, and soon he had developed a recipe and decided it was time to share his doughnuts and experiences with the world.

The Doughnut Addict shop opened on Duke Street in Truro in December 2018.

Matt has created a selection of flavours to ensure there is something to suit every customer. He is constantly working on new doughnuts using seasonal fruits and hopes to introduce a new luxury range in the near-future using only the finest ingredients known to man.

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Why Doughnut Addict?

Nothing perks up a dull day of planning, conference talks and organisational exercises like our doughnuts.

Made fresh daily
Based in Cornwall 

We possess an array of options to suit most. Our doughnuts are especially great for gifts and events! Share our doughnuts with family, friends and even co-workers. Take our doughnuts to your next party or event. We guarantee they’ll cherish each mouthful! We are continually developing unique and scrumptious flavours that are dangerously delicious! 

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