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Where are Doughnut Addiction doughnuts made?

Where can I buy Doughnut Addiction doughnuts from?

Doughnut Addiction doughnuts are baked at our home bakery in Penryn, Cornwall.
We make our doughnuts fresh every single day.
Read more about us here.
Our home in Penryn is click and collect only. We plan to sell regularly in markets around Cornwall.
We aim to supply some independent cafes, restaurants and concept stores around Cornwall. Keep up to date on where you can find us by visiting our Locations page.

Our Doughnuts

Where can I find your allergen information?

Are any of your doughnuts Vegetarian or Vegan?

Our doughnuts contain Egg Yolk, Gluten, Lactose, Soya and may contain traces of nuts. Other seasonal flavours may contain nuts or peanuts. Our Peanut Butter Filled doughnuts contain peanuts. See allergen information for an analysis of allergens in any particular flavour. All the doughnuts are manufactured in the same bakery. We take all practical measures to overcome cross-contamination.
Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the non-existence of an allergen in the product. If you need a specific ingredients list, this can be obtained from us by emailing matt@doughnut-addiction.com.
All of our doughnuts are suitable for vegetarians, and We are working on a vegan range of alternating flavours.

Do you have nutritional information?

Do you do gluten free doughnuts?

Our doughnuts are made fresh every day by hand using the best ingredients we can find.
With the varied sizes and weights that come with artisan products, we’re unable to provide reliable nutritional information. All of our fillings, jams, toppings, and glazes are made in-house from scratch. None of our doughnuts contain any trans fat.
We do not produce gluten-free doughnuts.

Can I eat them tomorrow?

Should I keep them in the fridge?

All our doughnuts are handmade fresh every day and have no preservatives, so we highly recommend eating them on the day purchased.
Not necessarily. The doughnuts should be kept ambient (room temp), but as per above, they are best consumed on the day of purchase.


For cut off times and ordering issues, please visit our Ordering page

What if there is a problem with my order?

I’ve forgotten to mention something about my order, how can I get in contact with you?

It’s very rare there will be any problems, however, if there is an issue, we will contact you on the phone number or email address provided.
You can contact us by emailing Matt@doughnut-addiction.com. Our office is open Tuesday to Saturday, 9am-8pm so you may receive a slower response on our day's off.


For cut off times and delivery details or issues, please visit our delivery page

What are your delivery times?

Do I need to be there to accept delivery?

Our delivery window is from 11am to 8pm, Tuesday to Saturday, however, we may deliver earlier on occasion (if we can). Cornwall is a vast place, and we have no power over traffic conditions so are unable to provide a narrow delivery window. If you require an item delivered for a specific time, please contact us.
Please regard if the beneficiary is unable to receive delivery, we will endeavour to leave it in a secure place or with a neighbour/co-worker. If our drivers are guided to a loading bay, we cannot take liability for how the doughnuts are managed. Finally, be warned that as it is a freshly made product, we are incapable of re-delivery. If you possess any additional information or specific requests, e.g. ‘Leave with Lynn at the front desk,’ you will be given the opportunity to add this in during the checkout process.

What if I need to leave a note about delivery?

How much does delivery cost?

If you have any further information or unique requests, e.g. ‘Leave with Lynn at the front desk,’ you will be given the opportunity to add this in during the checkout process.
Currently, pre-orders within our delivery zones are free. Same day / on demand orders will incur a fee. We may be able to deliver outside these areas for an additional charge.